Heyyyyyy! My name is Madison and I’m super excited about sharing my thoughts and musings on food and health more generally! I am pretty bubbly, people tell me… and I think that they’re right 🙂 (I also like emoticons)


Most of my posts will probably be interesting tidbits I have stumbled upon while doing my research. I am a student at Florida Atlantic University and I study exercise science and nutrition. I am a fitness trainer in my spare time and focus mainly on my studies. I hope to use this blog as a forum where I can share things I find in my studies. It can double both as my own little collection of post it notes and somewhere for other like minded people to find useful information.

If you have similar interests or any questions, then please feel free to drop a line anytime. I will enable comments for anyone who has some thoughts they want to share.

A little bit more about me:

I just became a pescatarian. I had long consider a shift in my diet as I’ve eaten healthy foods most of my life. I’m not ready for an entirely plant based diet and I like the macronutrients in fish. So, I figured this would be an easy place to begin and then possibly made the transition to vegetarian… but that would mean I would have to live without cheese and I just don’t know whether that’s possible. Anyway, here is some information backing up my latest diet move:

Fish may Reduce Cancer Risk: Scientists have found another link between diet and cancer. According to the latest research, eating more fish, which is already known to help the heart, may also reduce men’s risk for prostate cancer. Part of this benefit may be attributable to the healthier habits fish eaters tend to have. For the most part, men who eat large quantities of fish are more physically active, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less red and processed meat. However, they also tend to smoke more. When the scientists statistically controlled all these other factors, fish consumption still had a beneficial effect on cancer risk. Researchers believe the omega-3 fatty acids, the component of fish that is good for the heart, may also inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the prostate gland. The types of fish with the most omega-3 fatty acids are fatty fish like herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout, and tuna.

I also love French. From the food to the people. I am studying it for a Minor. J’aime le français. J’aime l’étudier. J’aime aussi la nourriture. Je n’écrirai pas en français ici. Cependant, je peux ajouter quelques petits mots et expressions françaises. Ne soyez pas surpris quand je le fais. Juste les chercher! Nous pouvons apprendre ensemble haha.